World War Z

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In this review, I take on the summer movie World War Z. The summer is full of zombie movies, apocalypse movies, and alien movies. This is one of them, so what’s my take on it? Find out in this review of the Marc Forster-directed film starring Brad Pitt and Peter Capaldi.

Rating: PG-13
Duration: 115 minutes [1 hour and 55 minutes]

Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Brad Pitt and Peter Capaldi
Official Website: World War Z The Movie

If you wish to take your kids: Kids in Mind | World War Z, A Movie Review for Parents with Kids

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Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone star in Lovelace

Here’s my take on the movie, Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfried, released this year. What do I think of the biopic of adult film actress Linda Lovelace? Find out in this review. It was tough for me to write for the subject matter, but this is what I have to say.

Rating: R
Duration: 95 minutes [1 hour and 35 minutes]

Director: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone
Official Website: The Lovelace Movie

If you wish to take the kids: Do yourself a favor. Don’t. Even if too small to understand, they won’t let you watch the movie.

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